New 2006 VW Jetta 2.0T FSI
It's a of the line in build quality...nice low deep growl...I did chirp my tyres in 1st, 2nd and 3rd...
Milltek Sport have just released a fabulous exhaust system for the New Volkswagen Jetta Mk5 2.0T FSI. The system is available as either a turbo-back (large-bore downpipe / hi-flow sports catalyst, connecting pipe, resonated or non-resonated centre section, and rear silencer) or as a catalyst back (resonated or non-resonated centre section and rear silencer). The rear silencer features stunning looking twin tailpipes that are larger than the standard tailpipes but not overtly so.

Power gains are very similar to that of the MkV Volkswagen Golf GTi 2.0T FSi. When fitted with the full system and a remap, the exhaust system has shown a massive 25bhp+ gain - on top of the remap!!! We've also received excellent feedback on the sound produced by the new system.