New Volkswagen Scirocco gets the Milltek treatment
Thanks for once again outdoing yourselves in the production of phenomenal exhaust systems. Its the consistency that has kept me coming back to you for my much loved passion for cars that I own.
Milltek Sport has already completed development on a performance exhaust system for the brand new VW Scirocco GT 2.0 TSi.

Milltek engineers have had to call upon all of their many years of experience on this particular product to create a catalyst-back system that not only offers many of the features that you expect from a Milltek exhaust, namely increased performance and enhanced driveability, but also a product that can meet the rigorous performance and quality demands of the TÜV & E-Mark testing regulations that are required in many European countries. The standard Scirocco exhaust system features twin 70mm / 2.75" tailpipes but the Milltek system features slightly enlarged twin 80mm/3.15" tailpipes. These tailpipes have been selected specifically to look like they are part of the original design of the car and not to look like an aftermarket add-on. The Milltek system uses larger, full bore pipework and acoustically efficient silencers for better gas flow.

Many thanks for APS of Brackley and SKN of Germany for co-operating with us on this project.